Residential Interior Designer in Noida – Benefit of Granite Tiles

Hi All, hope you liked my last blog and now I am trying to provide more solution, so I have a big team now who works under Mr. Amit Bhatia and Ritika Biswas. Interior Designer in Noida has achieved the target for last year and I really want to congratulate my team who understand the client’s needs and provide the solutions on time. Well Maison studio understand really their employee well and so do clients as well. I hope our clients will like our project and they keep us as their no. choice. So today I just want to cover my last topic about Granite tiles. Granite comes in a range of different colours and patterns, meaning you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to design. Granite adds a warm tone to your home, giving an area character and sophistication.

Residential Interior Designer in Noida

There are four main types of finishes applied to granite flooringResidential Interior Designer in Noida

Polished granite – When granite is polished, it produces a high shine that is best suited for low traffic areas. Polishing highlights the character of your stone and gives it a reflective look. Stone appears darker and the colours seem richer. Be aware, however, that the higher the polish, the more slippery tiles can be. Honed granite – Recommended for high traffic areas, honed granite has more of a matte finish and isn’t reflective like polished granite. The finish is also flatter than a full gloss polish. Flamed granite – For a highly textured and rough surface, a high intensity flame can be applied to the surface of the stone.

Flamed granite is popular for outdoor applications.

Brushed granite – The brushed finish makes the granite’s surface appear closed, finely structured and silky. As a natural material, colour variations are common from tile to tile, but this shouldn’t be a problem. The uniqueness of each tile simply adds to the character of your floor with help of Interior Decorator in Noida.

Durability Granite is a hard stone that is virtually impossible to break. With proper care, granite flooring will last a lifetime and will remain in great condition. Granite flooring can be stained when spills are not cleaned up right away, but the good news is that granite is easy to clean. It is recommended that granite flooring be swept and lightly mopped every few days to avoid staining. Granite is also scratch and heat resistant. Once properly sealed, granite is extremely resistant to water and moisture, which can damage your flooring and be harming to health. When cleaning your granite, wipe over with a clean damp cloth or mop and use warm, soapy water for tougher stains. Avoid using ammonia, bleach or any cleaning products with solvents or caustics, as this will remove the sealant. Granite’s exceptional durability makes it an excellent option.

Commercial Interior Designer in Noida – Durability is one of the reasons that people choose granite tile countertops. With granite, you don’t have to worry about damaging the countertop with knives or cookware. The same durability makes granite flooring tiles useful. We’ve seen granite tiles outlast tiles made from other popular materials. If you want longevity, then granite is a good choice for your home or office. Granite Makes a Great Option for Wet Areas People often choose tile for the wet areas in their homes. With granite tile, you don’t have to worry about moisture damaging your subfloor. Granite tile creates a surface that’s practically impenetrable to liquids. Even standing liquid won’t harm your floor. Of course, it’s always a good idea to wipe up standing liquids to prevent slips and falls. A polished granite surface can get quite slippery when wet. Please feel free to email if you have any question to or Visit our Web page Luxury Interior Designer in Noida.