Residential Interior Designer in Faridabad Offers Budget Friendly Granite Floor Tiles

Hello Friends, so sorry for the delay Residential Interior Designer in Faridabad was so booked with lots projects and I have a deadline to finish this by the end of march so I am extremely sorry that I couldn’t reply your emails. But really, I enjoyed reading your emails as they have lots of question and I love to answer them but somehow, I am not able to provide on time, but I’ll try to gage all your question and provide the better solution. So, keep sending your love at well I was explained about Granite tile this time because I received so many emails to explain and the usage about it so let’s start. Well Granite is a natural stone that has a similar look and feel to marble because of it made of natural flecks, though there are some notable differences. “Granite has been overused and tends to look like a cheaper alternative,” Maison Studio says. That’s partly because it often is the cheaper alternative, which is nothing to balk at if you’re on a budget. Maison Studio/Interior Designer in Faridabad recommends using granite tiles in a main hall or other secondary space where performance and lower cost are your top priority. In India there are different type of size and name as MSI Giallo size: 18″ x 31″ Granite Field Tile, $11.22/sq.ft.

Interior Designer in Faridabad

Granite Tiles have 0% water absorption capacity, and you are surprise to know that in India it is preferred choice for kitchen and bathroom. We have Granite Tiles in different colour like Black, Green, Pink White, and grey colour. Theses ties are available in different size of 1×1 and 2×2. Thickness of Granite Tiles varies between 15-20 mm. Over the last few years, the popularity in granite flooring has soared mostly due to the huge range of benefits and great designs and their prices. While not the cheapest of flooring options, granite tiles look beautiful and elegant, and are also hardwearing. Granite floor tiles are a form of strong, durable natural stone and when you looked after properly.

Granite is a very practical and stylish floor covering. Not only do granite tiles offer great functionality, they can add significant value to your home. As well as flooring, granite can be used as countertop materials, around baths and sinks and even on walls, but it is in flooring where they really excel. Some of the benefits of granite flooring include and some of the images below: I also would like to explain more information about the granite tile. So till that time please send you quire.