Luxury Interior Designer in Faridabad

After 7 years in the Interior Designing industry, A.K Bhatia and Ritika Biswas was presented with an opportunity to follow their lifelong passion for Luxury Interior Designer in Faridabad. While they would have loved to study Interior design right out of after their collage, it was not an option at that time, and they had to search different institute to learn and understand how they become good designers. After that, they start working freelance and some local company. sometime theses company decided to close their office decades later, so A.K Bhatia and Ritika Biswas knew that the timing was serendipitous and a gentle push in the direction of pursuing her dream career.

Luxury Interior Designer in Faridabad

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So Maison Studio was formed and starting with two people now we have a big team who work with their dedication and make sure that the work should complete on time. In Early stage Maison Studio had faced some many challenges however they overcome with their hard work. Soon after turned into a full-time Interior Design position. They includes conducting consultations, drawing plans using AutoCAD, selecting finishes and implementing the full design plan.

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