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Well friends I received another email was quite interesting and people asked a specific question like what interior design services should I expect from my designer. Well I would say an Interior Designer in Gurgaon firm we all have some sort of expectation and same client has the same expectation from us. Well according to maison studio we think that expectation should be meet at any cost- this should be in our priority list and we should not break this expectation. Now couple of clients has a high expectation and they look forward so high hope. But their pocket does allow to go beyond their expectation. So, we need to very careful and make sure that we will fulfill their need, now some of you might asked how we do that-Because clients really need the best and we all have our own budget. So maisonstudio has a unique idea on that -we will always believe in our research team, who always that we get the quality things in the best price.

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So, I would say that being an interior designer we all keep our door open and find the best way to work. I am one of the real cases when Interior Decorator in Faridabad / maison studio working on a project in Sec21 faridabad. We have a very interesting client her name is Neeru and she has very high expectation and want her home like queen Victoria palace. Now the problem is she don’t have budget. So, what we did first we try to understand, why and what she needs. Now these people are working and its very hard to coordinate with them. So, we did our meeting only in Saturday and Sunday. So, this project took really long time as we expected. Now this lady really has great idea to decorate her house and she also need to look elegant. So, we started from kitchen and they have big fridge and we need to fit in and make sure that they have proper space. We had some change as the below picture:

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So sorry for the watermark as this was when the projectlife and maisonstudio was separated. But now its merged with maisonstudio. So, my point is we keep on thinking and innovate new idea that help our clients with lower price and always keep an smile on their faces. I’ll keep posting some more exciting our work idea and if you people have any question send an email to or visit web page Interior Decorator in Gurgaon.