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Hi People, hope everyone is doing well great to see again Interior Designer in Noida I got a mail two days ago and one of my clients asked that he want to know which flooring is good easy to maintain he is use carpet flooring and seem that he wants to change his office flooring so let’s talk about a new flooring called vinyl flooring  and we are designer and we need to focus more of design part. So, my last topic was flooring specially office flooring, and, in this topic, I would love to talk about Vinyl flooring is popular for commercial flooring like small and medium size office because it offers long-lasting and amazing performance. Interior Decorator in Noida is ideal for a wide range of applications in offices, commercial, healthcare, retail, Telecom and Logistics spaces that need to withstand high traffic.

interior designer in noida

This type of flooring is resilient and resistant to damage, such as indentation and scratches and elegant look – Luxury Interior Designer in Noida. It is available in many variants and different colors and designs bringing a stylish touch to an office. It is easy to clean and with minimal maintenance. According to me One of the leading suppliers in new Delhi of Vinyl flooring in India , it is important to fully understand what the area is going to be used for it , the intended traffic in that area and the clients’ expectations; when choosing a Vinyl floor covering. “Vinyl is fast becoming the preferred floor in future covering choice due to its comfort, durability and longevity, hygienic and acoustic properties, design possibilities, ease of maintenance and environmental consideration. Please feel free to contact me on if you need any more information and what is the best place to buy.

Maison Studio was founded in 2016 by A. K. Bhatia & Ritika Biswas. A Team of versatile designers has been long in this business of creating interiors. With more than 7 years of work experience, They combines a unique sense of style with an excellent knowledge of design to create thoughtful, interior solutions. They have delved into many disciplines of design, their desire to create space that is perfect & detailed.

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