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Interior Designer in Noida – Hi Friends, hope everyone is enjoying winters and last 3 days we had so much rain that I can’t imagine and coz of this our work somewhat got delayed. People are getting sick and delay transport so many issues but anyways I would like to keep in touch with you people and make sure whatever you guys have question I’ll answer all. Well in my last blog I promised to talk about some of the furniture locks and I also would like to talk little bit about Vending and T-handle locks as well and after that I’ll start some new topics like tiles or wooden flooring please send your view which topic do you people would love to lets start with Furniture locks This category of locks covers a variety of locks including cabinet, desk, and sliding door locks. There are two primary styles of furniture lock, bolt style and push button style. Bolt style furniture locks have a piece of flat metal that extends out the side of the lock to secure the device. Frequently, bolt style locks are found on desks, cabinets, and drawers, although they are also used in a wide variety of other devices. Push button style locks have a rod that comes out the back of the lock that is used to secure things in place. When the lock is unlocked it pops out retracting the rod into the lock body. The device is then re-locked by pushing the lock back into its shell. A few of their common applications are filing cabinets and sliding doors. Frequently, furniture locks can be installed onto existing hardware that may not already have a lock installed.

interior designer in noida

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Now if I talk about Vending/T-handle Locks These locks are primarily found in vending machines and T-Handle locks, although they are sometimes used in other applications. T-Handle locks are frequently exceptionally easy to replace as when you open the device you are pulling the t-handle lock out. Placing a new T-handle lock back in when closing the device is all that is necessary to complete the upgrade. T-Handle locks generally come in two variants, a spring latch that allows the device to be re-locked without needing a key, and a dead latch that requires a key to re-lock the device. Example of T-locks Below :

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