Interior Designer in Noida – High Security Locks for Showroom, Shops

Hi People, hope everyone is enjoying its little cold today and raining too and we had no site visiting today. So just relaxing and enjoying with our team and this is right time to talk little bit about some more locks and Interior Designer in Noida thinking to cover some more topics in future. So, let’s get started have you guys heard about a new lock called Euro profile cylinders (sometimes called DIN cylinders) are frequently used in locking devices in Europe and other parts of the world. They are also used in North America in some sliding glass door locks and room dividing doors. They come in several varieties: single cylinder (one sided), double cylinder (locking cylinder on each side), and single cylinder with thumbturn (locking cylinder on one side and thumbturn on the other). The euro profile cylinder is a standard form factor. The exterior (and optionally interior) lengths do vary, but the rest of the dimensions are standard. Euro profile cylinders are held in place by a single screw that runs through the middle of the cylinder in most applications.

Interior Designer in Noida

Due to this single small attach point the euro profile cylinder can be easily snapped off the door if it is not of proper length or reinforced and the other lock is called Wall mounted locks are locks that are mounted in the wall. The most common type of wall mounted lock would be the Knox-Box or fireman’s box style lock found in many larger businesses as an emergency access to the building’s keys. Wall mounted locks can be used for more than just key storage.

Some act as small safes or item deposits. Installation is generally done at time of construction although some wall mounted locks can be easily installed into existing buildings. Most wall locks can be mounted in a variety of wall surfaces. Frequently wall locks will be mounted with covers or alarm sensors to allow networking into the buildings security system (to detect unauthorized access).

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