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Interior Designer in Noida – Hi Friends, a very warm good morning to all interior designer friends and a warm welcome to my clients who love to read my blogs Interior Decorator in Noida and asking their doubts and I really enjoyed. I have received several emails asking an interesting question-they want to know about PVC and their usage and, they want to know what all types of PVC in the market and Is this a cost-effective solution. So, I really want to discuss about that. Well my answer is yes, now these days people are very keen to know about cost effective solution and they also want their home looks astounding. So, I had some research and find out some great PVC usage and would like to present some amazing facts.

  • PVC means Polyvinyl Chloride, and this is a form of plastic and PVC panels comes under different usage like covering false ceiling, kitchen bathrooms and garage and basement.
  • PVC panels are easy to install, good looking, waterproof, stain proof, termite proof, moisture proof, budget friendly, low in maintenance, safe and recyclable.
  • PVC Wall panels installation causes very little nuisance because very little noise while installation.
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Commercial Interior Designer in Noida – PVC panels can be used for covering interior walls, ceilings of rooms, offices, basements and especially in bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. PVC panels can be installed over tiles, plywood and drywall.  these panels require very low maintenance and are low in cost too. you can easily clean these panels with a wet cloth. However, do not use chlorinated or abrasive agents for cleaning. PVC panels are very durable. Daily wear and tear will not affect them. But a sharp and heavy object can damage the panels. PVC panels can withstand temperature up to 140°F (60°C). It can be used in shower panels but not in saunas. Ceiling lights can be used in panels as it can withstand those temperatures. PVC panels are fully rust proof as these are made of plastic. The age of plastic is very long, and Wall Affairs always brings you the best quality only. These panels will easily last 25-30 years.

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PVC panels come in many designs and textures. So honestly it must be said that not all PVC panels are dust proof. But if you choose a design carefully, and with our guidance, then very little dust sticks to these panels’ surfaces. PVC Panels are manufactured by joining two sheets of PVC almost 5-8mm apart. A mesh structure is used to join the two sheets which provide it enough strength to withstand reasonable impacts. But one must take enough care as medium to heavy impact can damage the panel. Special chemicals are added to the PVC panels, while manufacturing, to make them fire resistant. Many of our panels are CSRIO fire rated AS/NZS 3837 which stops the spread of fire. However, PVC panel cannot be called completely fireproof. PVC panels are extremely light in weight. All the panels are affixed to walls with utmost care and proper screws and fittings. Panels are joined to each other with click to fit mechanism. But these panels are light in weight that even if a PVC panel fall off the wall due to poor craftsmanship, they won’t do any harm. Residential Interior Designer in Noida like to use the PVC a lot and specially for small budget home makeover. Some reference images below:

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