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Hi People, how is life going on. I think you people are enjoying and live your life and keep exploring and get new ideas for their home decoration. Well if you read my last blog I discussed about some different type of locks and today I would love to talk 2 Interior Designer in Gurgaon– Premium Quality Locks more locks know as Knob Locks and Lever Handle Locks. Most of them know about this lock however if I talk about Knob locks are frequently installed in residential situations on exterior doors in addition to deadbolts and are sometimes used as the primary source of security for doors. First and foremost, it should be said that knob locks should virtually never be used for security on external doors. The problem lies in the fact that the lock cylinder is in the knob itself and not the door. In almost all setups, they can be broken off the door with a hammer or bypassed using pliers or a wrench behind the knob, completely bypassing the locking cylinder.

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If you currently have knob locks, consider replacing them with simple passage knobs as it will provide almost as much security as long as you are using deadbolts on the same doors. When purchasing complete knob setups, it is important to ensure the proper handedness and backset and if you see Lever handle locks are frequently used for inner doors in commercial settings. They are easier to open than knob locks as they have a large push down style handle rather than a knob that one must grasp and turn. Frequently when handicap accessibility is important lever locks are used. Interior Decorator in Gurgaon lever handle locks are ADA accessible and can be changed between left and right handedness. When purchasing it is important to measure the proper backset. Levers can frequently be the target of torque attacks (excessive pressure applied to the handle to try and force the lock). Some levers are “clutch” levers meaning if they are forced, they just turn rather than apply pressure to the lock. Some Example of Knob Locks and Lever Handle locks below:

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