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Hi Folks, hope you are doing great and I received an amazing e-mail yesterday about my previous blog those what read that great and thoese who are new they can reach me at my page which Interior Designer in Gurgaon and by the way people are really appreciating us and they love my last blog as well. I am enjoying the kind of love and respect you people are keep posting on my blogs and sending me so many emails. I also would like you people to post some comments on my website as well Linkedin as well which is interior decorator in Gurgaon on my email I am not able to show how people ask questions and sometime people are similar questions as well so I would love if you people will post your comments on Linkedin. However, I will love to chat over my website as well. This website also helps me out to know what type of challenges and concern you people are facing and how we resolve it. Well I received an email from Anubhav Sharma who is just wanting to open his gym and he wants to know more information about Rubber flooring and what all benefits and flaws. So, I’ll talk about that today Rubber flooring is ideal for high-traffic commercial interior spaces such as Gym, healthcare facilities and restaurants where we need less noise of foot and anti-skid. Rubber flooring is durable and is resistant to water and heat and is easy to maintain. Besides being comfortable to walk on, it is slip-resistant so the people who are doing their exercise they will get a good grip and it’s also a sound absorbent material.

interior decorator in gurgaon

These flooring are coming in different sizes but I love the rubber flooring which comes like Lightweight puzzle which is easy to assembly. It comes in a variety of textures and colors and sizes like 24” x 24” x 12 mm – thick from the highest point of the texture; Includes 6 tiles and 12 end borders for a polished look. However, most of the offices are using black color. I have attached a link to show some example. Please click the link to see rubber flooring Luxury Interior Designer in Gurgaon. Thank you for today and I keep writing. Please send me your valuable feedback so I can make sure everyone will get some idea about home decoration and interior designing

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