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Hi Friends, hope you people are doing good. I received an email and comment from one of my old clients asking some more information about granite tiles so I though I should continue and explain more information about granite and their styles. Well Granite Comes in Many Styles. Express Flooring customers often want tile flooring that matches their homes’ existing décor, Interior Designer in Gurgaon help you. That means choosing tiles that come in specific colours and styles. Granite comes in a wide range of colours and patterns because it’s made during natural volcanic processes that include a variety of minerals and temperatures. The most common colors include white, black, beige, brown, blue, and red.Having access to so many types of granite flooring tiles and granite tile countertops gives you the opportunity to choose an option that matches your taste preferences and existing décor.

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Can You Use Granite on the Floor?

Granite tiles are an excellent option for most floors. Before you have new tiles installed, though, you should have a professional (Interior Decorator in Gurgaon) inspect your floor to make sure it can withstand granite’s weight. Granite is a heavy material that some floors cannot support. A square foot granite tile with a .75-inch depth weighs about 12.8 pounds. A slab measuring 1.25 inches deep weighs about 18 pounds. If you have a 300-square foot kitchen, then the floor will need to support at least 3,840 pounds of granite. That’s a considerable burden that some homes, especially older homes, cannot tolerate. Since Express Flooring brings samples to your home, we can help you decide whether granite is appropriate for your floors. In most cases, granite tile will work well. If your floor cannot support the weight, then we will help you find a similar tile made from lighter materials. Still, it’s never a bad idea to have a home inspector look at your floor before you have granite tiles installed.

Granite Tiles Are Somewhat Difficult to Install

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Granite’s weight makes it somewhat difficult to install. Imagine carrying nearly 4,000 pounds of tile by yourself. For many people, it’s an impossible task.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about the difficulty of installing granite flooring tiles. Residential Interior Designer in Gurgaon offer professional installation services to make sure the job gets done perfectly. You may even qualify for a tile installation at a reduced price. Check the offers on our website to see if we currently offer tile installation discounts.

Granite Tile Maintenance May Require Expert Services Some people find that granite is difficult to clean and maintain. It doesn’t help that websites offer a lot of contradictory advice about counter tops. Of course, you can always schedule granite floor cleaning services from Express Flooring. We’ll send a team of professionals, Commercial Interior Designer in Gurgaon who have plenty of experience cleaning granite and other types of tile. Unless you plan to install the tile yourself, remember to consider the price of installation when you determine your tile budget. Granite is more expensive to install than ceramic, largely because installing it is more difficult. If you’re a DIYer and you intend to do the installation yourself, keep in mind that ceramic is considerably easier to work with than granite, and you’ll need special tools to cut granite because the stone is so hard.

If you’re not comfortable operating a diamond wet saw or you don’t have access to one, go with ceramic tile. One of the ultimate deciding factors between granite and ceramic floor tile is usually cost. Granite can be considerably more expensive, but the prices of each material vary widely, so you can find something within your price range either way. However, you’ll pay much more for good-quality granite than for good-quality ceramic. Review the options you selected earlier and consider which ones fit most comfortably within your price range. If your heart is set on granite but you can’t afford to tile a large area with it, consider using it in a small area such as an entryway or guest bathroom. Hope this information will help my client and If you still have some doubt please feel free to contact me at my web Page Luxury Interior Designer in Gurgaon.