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Hi Friends, hope you are doing well. Yesterday Interior Designer in Gurgaon received a mail from one of my old clients and they want me to do some flooring in their office and they are more interested in carpets and carpet tiles well friends I would like to discuss and talk about carpet and carpet tiles today This type of flooring is ideal for businesses that need some kind of noise insulation, such as an office environment. It is, however, important to put into consideration that carpet can easily get stained and may require close attention over time. Carpet tiles provide more flexibility and durable and looks elegant because each tile can be replaced individually without any mess and noise. Carpet tiles also come in different styles and patterns, giving the managers a range of choices that reflect the brand and aesthetic of an office. According to our Interior Decorator in Gurgaon of Maison studio the oldest carpet manufacturer in Azad market (New Delhi) presently the market for carpet tiles in the commercial sector continues to grow.

Interior Designer in Gurgaon

In general Residential Interior Designer in Gurgaon, carpet tiles are becoming more environmentally friendly easy to replace. For instance, new developments in yarn and fibres with increased use of recycled content are becoming a perfect match for increased stringent green building regulations. “This is why we prefer carpet flooring focus largely on using high portions of recycled content. Nowadays, customers are looking for more sustainable flooring. Maison studio think that, it is imperative that carpet tiles not only maintain their aesthetic appearance over time, but that they can maintain their shape and to remain flat on the floor surface without doming or buckling. They must have the ability to remain in place undisturbed after installation and stay looking good, even under the most testing traffic friends that all for today and please mentioned if you have any quires you can email me directly to or visit Luxury Interior Designer in Gurgaon.

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