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When Otter Products decided to relocate their regional office & their vision was to move away from the very traditional office to a workplace where truly represents who they are and the way they do. Interior Designer in Faridabad designed the work-space which translates Otter’s brand identity and the accent of their origin. Inspired by the Colorado landscape, designer created a mountain shape tired seating, which provides an unique and fun collaboration area. It can also combine with the pantry to host all-hands meetings.

Interior Designer in Faridabad

Interior Decorator in Faridabad – The work-space is facing the Victoria Harbour, providing the best view and maximize daylight to all staff. Other design features such as a large writable wall with hand sketch of a mountain by a local artist in the boardroom, a picnic themed collaboration area and a ‘garage door’ meeting room, all of these are to reinforce the Brand image and the outdoor spirit of Colorado, create a unique experience to visitors and staff.

The layout of the space is basically organised in two zones. On one side, the hall and meeting room welcome people when they arrive at the office, and, on the other, the work room and pantry complete the program in a fully integrated way. The only compartment of the project is the meeting room due to the need for privacy of customers, such a point stands out, because between this room and the volume of bathrooms ends up forming a small corridor marked by the linearity of the ceiling and its indirect lighting.

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