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Well my last blog was is all about locks and in this new session I would like to focus some of the tiles and different type of flooring which Interior Designer in Faridabad will make you understand that how important flooring should be in commercial and residentials. We some time clients will ask some durable flooring in their commercial space and we need to make sure which is best option of them and we also need to check what type LOB(Line of business ) they are into so we will provide the best solution for them. Nothing will have an impact on the look and feel of an office space like the choice of flooring. A commercial office space requires a certain look and feel that reflects what goes on inside the building. Not only does flooring contribute to a room’s aesthetic, but also its functionality and level of comfort. According to Ritika Biswas the designer manager at Maisonstudio specialist Interior Decorator in Faridabad, flooring company in Faridabad, the Indian market especially in North India tend to use a lot of tiles in offices due to them being cheap. Especially ceramic tiles coming from China. Most companies are very price sensitive. However, more and more companies are turning to wooden flooring as an option for their offices. “At the moment Maisonstudio is receiving quite a few enquiries for a wooden flooring and some latest technology of ceramic flooring. The increased demand for wooden flooring with an epoxy thin laminated coating on top is due to companies looking for a more decorative and hard-wearing floor finish.

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We also we don’t forget that in office people are using Natural hard flooring, such as stone, this will give your office space the instant ‘wow factor.’ And also, these are durable and when new, natural hard surface flooring looks amazing and will create a stunning first impression and most of companies also like these ideas however unfortunately, hard surface flooring requires a hefty budget. It also calls for special know-how to install, which will bump up the cost of somewhere its costly and Furthermore, it needs careful maintenance, and its appearance deteriorates over time: wood gets scuffed, scratched or indented by foot traffic—and especially from high heels—and stone and ceramic can crack or stain. The initial ‘wow factor’ can easily get lost after only a few years. So please feel free write your view which tile would you like and if you have any requirement please send it to my email directly at

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