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Hi Folks from last few blogs Interior Designer in Faridabad talked a lots about locks and I got so many comments to talk about some more locks and also discussed about some of the furniture’s locks as well so first of all I am really glad and thank full to all you people offer me some much love and respect and also keep talking to me. Those who are new you can also send you view to my email address and if you have any question or concern about any interior design question feel free to email me I would love to have a conversation with you and also would help you in any confusion about design. So today I just would like to talk about Interchangeable Core Cylinders Locks they are frequently used in larger institutions and businesses and are known for their easy ability to re-key the lock by swapping out the core without taking the lock apart. I/C Locks have two types of keys that work in the lock, the standard operator key locks and unlocks the lock like normal, while the control key, when used, pulls the entire core of the lock out without removing any screws. This is very useful when upgrading locks since the door hardware can be left alone. Interior Decorator in Faridabad Just the lock cores are replaced with new ones allowing the door to be upgraded in seconds.

Interior Designer in Faridabad

Luxury Interior Designer in Faridabad says most popular I/C Lock brands are Best, Yale, and Schlage. Their figure-eight style cores are well known and are found in many places around the world. There are different I/C lock formats with the two most popular being Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC) and Large Format Interchangeable Core (LFIC). It is important to note that I/C cylinders can only be installed in housings specially meant for I/C cylinders. They cannot be installed in standard deadbolts or locks not meant to take an I/C cylinder. In almost all cases if your lock can take an IC cylinder you will see the figure eight on the outside of the lock. Here is image below: and I’ll promise you all to discuss more furniture locks in my next blog.

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